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Jon Trenge is back!

Jon Trenge (3 x NCAA All American Wrestler) is back with his new training DVD "Rock Solid."

The Rock Solid wrestling program is the latest training program to make sizeable improvements in your wrestling ability.

"Rock Solid" contains core wrestling technique and strategy from top notch wrestler Jon Trenge. In this course Jon has combined 2 programs.

1st: there is the 6 building blocks of wrestlers. These are the six skill sets and techniques that every wrestler needs to be good at to dominate on the mat.

2nd: is Jon's high percentage leg attack system. This is Jon's complete program on single and double leg attacks. Various types of attacks, as well as counters and setups are also covered here. Jon shares an unprecedented look into the world of takedowns, and focuses on how to dominate your opponent with wrestling.

Rock Solid DVD Cover

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