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Description: Igor Yakimov, the worlds leading authority on Russian Sambo returns to DVD with his most explosive series ever, Ultimate Armbars! In his famous Ultimate Leglocks series, Igor wrote the book on using leglocks in competition and street situations. In this new series, Igor covers hundreds of armbars and combinations including shoulder locks, wrist locks and elbow locks, from every possible position imaginable. Learn to immediately place your opponent into the most brutal armbars possible from takedowns, side-control, guard, mount, turtle position and more! This new DVD Series will forever be considered the armbar bible for grapplers and is a must have for all fighters regardless of style. If you think you have seen every way to submit someone with an armbar, you will be more then impressed with this new series.

Igor Yakimov is a graduate of the prestigious Choboskary military school were he was trained in the art of combat and sport fighting. He was twice Russian national Sambo Champion and once International Sambo Champion. He currently holds the rank of Master Class instructor and is the North American representative for F.I.A.S., the largest Sambo sanctioning body in the world.

Volume 3 - Armbars from the Mount Position
Igor Yakimov reveals on this DVD Video the most devastating arm submissions that can be obtained when you are mounted on your opponent. Igor covers the basics as well as the most advanced strategies possible. Learn elbow, shoulder and wrist locks from the mount when your opponent tries to escape your position. Learn to fake your opponent into believing that he is escaping only to find himself tapping from an armbar. This is an awesome video. Over 50 minutes of advanced moves never seen before on video!

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Igor Yakimov 48 minutes
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