WAR Catch Wresting by Billy Robinson 03

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Description: In this very special deluxe 4-DVD course, you get to be a fly on the wall as Billy coaches eager students (MMA stars Josh Barnett and Erik Paulson included!) in the ways of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling.
FREE BONUS 1: Conditioning as done at Wigan, the UWFi, and the UWF-Snakepit: Billy runs the boys through a typical warm-up and workout and now you can integrate these ideas into your own conditioning routine!

FREE BONUS 2: Q & A with Erik Paulson. At the end of the clinic, the cameras rolled as legendary MMA trainer and Shooto Light Heavyweight champion Erik Paulson picked Billy's brain on a number of rides and submissions! PRICELESS MATERIAL!!!

W.A.R. Catch Wrestling showcases some of the holds and maneuvers you might recognize from MMA legends Josh Barnett, Kazushi Sakuraba, and the panoply of fighters in the UWFi. Billy also discusses the history and philosophy of Catch Wrestling as well as his family's involvement in pugilism and bare-knuckle boxing (Billy's grandfather was a bare-knuckle boxing champion too)!

Now you have the chance to learn a thing or two from this amazing grappler in the 4 plus hours of quality footage found on this exclusive 4-disc deluxe DVD course.

- Rear Ride
- Rear Side Ride
- History & Philosophy of Catch Pt 3
- More Transitions and Submissions

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Billy Robinson 55 minutes
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Member Reviews (2) Write a Review

Reviewed by   04/20/12
I felt honored just to see this old wrestler show his stuff. When you see him do a technique versus a student trying the move then you begin to realize how dangerous this man is. I highly recommend this DVD - it was amazing!

Reviewed by   04/06/12
Good DVD, this old man know his stuff, you can learn alot from him. He trained MMA fighter, great stuff.