Killer Cradles and Terminal Takedowns (Disc 03)

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Description: With over FIVE HOURS of in depth instruction on the most powerful pinning combination known to man, KILLER CRADLES: Terminal Takedowns.

"Cradles are the most powerful pinning combination known to man"
-Wade Schalles
Wrestling's all-time leader in pins, having defeated 36 national champions, pinning 17 of them, and defeating 8 world titlists.

If you think you know cradles, think again. In this DVD series, Wade has packed FIVE HOURS of the most comprehensive instruction on the most devastating pinning combination in wrestling: THE CRADLE.

Whether you are in the up position or underneath, chances are there's a cradle available. Wade takes coached and athletes step-by-step through a dizzying array of cradles and cradle defenses, pointing out the finer points of each technique (including all the details that make the difference between winning and losing).

As an added bonus, Coach Schalles has compiled all of the individual techniques on a special DVD for coaches and athletes to use as a quick reference! Please note that disc 4 shows all the techniques back to back but does not include audio.

Adding the "Sixth" Phase to Wrestling
-Cradle Grips
-Cradle Set Ups
-Cradles and Riding Legs
-Crossface Cradle Series
-The Lazy Man Series
-Nearside One on One
-The "Head in the Hole"
-Under Leg Cradle
-Nearside Cradle Series
-Farside Cradle Series
-Bottomleg Cradle
-Clamp Cradle Series
-Defending Cradles

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Wade Schalles 60 minutes
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