Burn with Kearns 01: Strength and Hypertrophy

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Description: Basement Tapes Series for MMA Conditioning

Strength and Hypertrophy "Laying the Foundation"

This DVD is recommended for people who want to build a strong core of essential strength needed for MMA fighting or any other sport. We combine core strength training elements and functional strength training moves to improve your body's total fitness. This training is critical for anyone who wants to perform at their best while remaining injury free.

In this DVD we will use kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, and even sledge hammers to strengthen your entire muscular structure. These advanced workout techniques involve using all 3 ranges of human motion - Forward, Lateral and Rotational. The workout will activate more muscle, burn calories and condition the entire body faster!

Bonus Feature: Sandbag Seven Workout
DVD Running Time: 46 minutes

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Kevin J. Kearns 46 minutes
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