Everything You Should Know About Seoi Nage

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Description: If you're tired of spending good money for a DVD that includes more fluff and filler than relevant content, get ready for the revolutionary "Everything You Should Know About..." series.

Two-time Olympians Israel Hernandez and Valerie Lafon Gotay have teamed up to develop this sweeping DVD series. Each volume in the series offers a comprehensive study and examination of a single technique using slow motion and various angles: grips, common mistakes, variations, defenses, counters, combinations, fusion techniques, and supplemental exercises.

DVD Contents

5 grips
9 variations
8 defenses
11 counters
6 common mistakes
6 fusion techniques
8 combinations
20+ supplemental exercise

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Israel Hernandez 57 minutes
Date Added:
Production Year:

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