Greg Nelson's Clinch 03 (Part 01)

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Description: Greg Nelson is one of the best MMA coaches in the world. He has worked with notable fighters such as Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk, Jacob Volkmann, Nik Lentz, just to name a few! He is also a CSW Affiliate and fully certified by Erik Paulson. His credentials are too many to list here. You want this guy's material! He's one of the best coaches in the business. Train well!

Clinch - Volume 3 Part 1

Introduction - Pummeling - Lateral Movement - Off-Balancing - Head and Neck - Arm Drag - Re-Drag - Elbow Control - Duck Under - Scoop - Slide By - Review - Underhook - Lead With Elbow - Elbow Up - Elbow Down

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Greg Nelson 90 minutes
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