Freddie Roach's Title Boxing 11

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Description: DVD 11: Attacking and Punching at Angles

Keep Your Opponent On The Defensive

Watch the truly gifted and elite world champion boxers and you will discover that they are mostly unconventional in their styles. They keep their opponents on the defensive because they attack and unleash punches in unordinary fashion.

Why be predictable and like the masses? By varying your attack and punching angles you can keep your opponents on their heels and stay in control of the action. Jeff Fenech, 3-time world champion and professional trainer shows you the inside skinny on what it takes to reach and stay at the top. In this segment you will learn:

- The concept of attacking at angles
- How to drop down and vary your degree of punches
- Why being unconventional offers you to advantage needed to win
- How to hit to the body with varying trajectories
- Why world champions do more than master the basics
- Overhead rights and lefts, uppercut/hooks, bolo punches, angle hooks, and more
- Moving side-to-side to gain leverage and positioning

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Jeff Fenech 30 minutes
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