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Description: DVD 07: Counter Punching

Proven Results That Win Fights

For every action there is a reaction. This is never more true and essential than in the sport of boxing. For every move or punch by your opponent there is a unique counter move or punch that can put you back in control.

Noted amateur and professional trainer Russ Anber demonstrates how to counter any punch in your opponent's arsenal. Instantly switch from defense to offense with split-second precision and authority. Boxers who control fights, win fights.

The Coach will teach you how to counter the jab, straight right or left, hooks, uppercuts and more. The tactics shown in this segment will help make you instantly react and counter any punch thrown by your opponent. When you can react simultaneously rather than having to think, you will dominate your opponent and the fight

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Russ Anber 30 minutes
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Reviewed by   09/21/11
Hands down my favorite TITLE dvd. The boxer and coach are incredible, giving insight in a concise, yet clear fashion that helps the watcher. They go through the counters for the jab, cross, hooks with slips, blocks and weaves. I've learned a lot from this, and gained a ton of confidence when I spar and train. I believe it provides a solid base for countering opponents punches. I recommend this to all. Rent this, and then get Anderson Silva's "Boxing for MMA" and "Striking Combos for MMA" as well for a nice treasure chest of boxing info...then train, train TRAIN!