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Description: DVD 01: How to hit the heavy bag.

Skills, Drills and Techniques

The Heavy Bag is one of the oldest, time-honored staples in the sport of boxing. It has been around since the days of the bare-fisted warriors of past centuries. It is also one of the most misused and under utilized pieces of training equipment in the gym.

Noted former professional boxer, referee, trainer and promoter Danny Campbell shows the inside secrets from the pros to mastering the heavy bag. There is so much more than simply throwing punches and waling away at a hanging heavy bag. In this segment you will learn how to successfully work the bag in these areas:

- Selecting the proper bag for your skills and level
- Correct spacing and distance from the bag to achieve maximum power and benefits
- Throwing the jab, straight right and left, hooks, uppercuts, body shots and more
- Successfully navigating around the bag to achieve full cardiovascular results
- Drills to developing speed and power in your heavy bag workout
- Throwing correct punches in combinations

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Danny Campbell 30 minutes
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Reviewed by   09/21/11
Very good, but this one is for beginners...this teaches the fundamentals of boxing, which are the punches, stance and how apply those basic lessons to hitting the bag. If you are or have a person just starting out (with a heavy bag), then this is a great start. Another winner for TITLE.