Mario Sperry Vale-Tudo Series 2 (Disc 04)

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Description: This is the complete 6 DVD set of Mario Sperry Vale-Tudo Series 2. Mario Sperry's first Vale Tudo series have become mandatory DVDs for anyone looking to win a street fight or conquer the Octagon. Mario Sperry now returns in Vale-Tudo Video Series 2 to add even more great techniques to your No Holds Barred and Mixed Martial Arts arsenal. In order to deliver even a higher level of Vale-Tudo techniques, Mario Sperry brings in legendary teammate, Murilo Bustamante, to make Vale-Tudo 2 that much better! Together, they break new ground with more incredible techniques and strategies! This new series is 100% no holds barred and contains no overlap with his first Vale-Tudo six DVD set.

VOLUME 10: Attacks from the Top

Mario reveals one of his fighting trade secrets, his four positions of control theory! This method he personally refined and uses in all his vale tudo matches allowing him to totally control any opponent and move from position to position based on what escape his opponent attempts. These techniques will allow you to bring your vale tudo game to a whole new level that you never thought possible and can be used with or without the kimono! Mario then shows some hot new ways to mount your opponent during a no-holds barred fight. You will then learn new devastating neck cranks, chokes and some really hot new escapes from the knee on stomach!

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Mario Sperry 57 minutes
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