NeWaza Judo Ground Fighting by Mike Swain (Disc 1)

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Description: NeWaza Judo Ground Fighting DVDs are the most advanced action packed Judo instructional videos ever produced. You will learn world class judo grappling techniques and training secrets, many never before seen on video from World Champion Mike Swain! Whether you're a judo player, Jiu-Jitsu practitioner or a serious ground fighter, you can now learn effective ground fighting and submission skills from one of the world's all time greatest. These Judo DVDs are guaranteed to be the most advanced and detailed work on NeWaza Judo ever produced!These are region free DVDs that will work anywere in the world.

VOLUME 1: Judo Takedowns to Ground Control

An extremely important video for any judo ground fighter.It teaches you how to gain control of an opponent after a takedown.. Contains many advanced submissions, including the famous flying armbar.

VOLUME 2: Judo Ground Fighting Volume 1

Advanced judo ground fighting at its best. Learn why Mike Swain is considered to be one of the greatest ground fighters alive. This video covers arm bars, chokes, pins and more, in easy to follow and understand instructions.

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Mike Swain 52 minutes
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