Back Attacks with Ryan Hall (Disc 02)

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Description: razilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt sensation Ryan Hall returns to video with Back Attacks, his newest instructional series with World Martial Arts. This project follows his popular teaching method of explaining principles of control and theory in a way that opens up the grapplers mind to all new possibilities! Ryan's back game is one of the most effective in the world and his ability to gain back control and finish from any position is one of his most powerful assets. This DVD series is an awakening of new ways to control, dominate and finish your opponents with attacks they will never see coming; including, his revolutionary Rolling Back Attack series that had taken his competition by storm!

Disc 2: Finishes

1. Rear Naked Choke 1
2. Rear Naked Choke 2
3. Bow & Arrow Choke 1
4. Bow & Arrow Choke 2
5. Chair Sit to Bow & Arrow
6. Bow& Arrow to Clock Choke
7. Flip to Clock Choke
8. The Ezekiel Choke 1
9. Ezekiel Choke 2
10. Straight Armlock 1
11. Straight Armlock 2
12. Armlock to Triangle
13. Box Control Principle
14. Side Control Turns Away
15. Side Control Turns In
16. Side Control to Kimura Grip
17. Mount to Chair Sit
18. Turtle Attacks 1
19. Turtle Attacks 2
20. Inverted Guard
21. Passing Switch Intro
22. Over the Legs
23. Through the legs
24. Over Under to Double Under
25. Double Under Flip

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Ryan Hall 93 minutes
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