Super NoGi Jiu-Jitsu (Disc 03)

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Description: After two highly successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets, Fusion 1 and 2, Robson strikes gold again with his new 6 volume set, Super NoGi! In this new Submission Grappling series, Robson wanted to address not only his most successful NoGi techniques and strategies, but also the most common problems that grapplers will face on the mat. Robson follows his unique Fusion style teaching method with a step by step break down of each position and technique. Almost every technique one this 6 volume set is brand new with details never seen before on any instructional series!

Vol. 5
The Stack Pass Defense
This is the DVD you have been waiting for! Robson tackles the most common and dangerous guard pass in submission grappling, The Stack Pass! Defending this pass is one of Robsons specialties and this DVD teaches all his tricks and strategies on how to defeat and counter this situation. Robson teaches how to recognize and react to the 4 positions of the Stack Pass and how to turn these movements against your opponent. Each position is explored in detail giving you counters and attacks that will allow you to turn over, escape and submit the very best grapplers in the world. This is the first time this problematic guard pass has ever been addressed on DVD and it is only available from World Martial Arts!

1. Intro
2. The 4 steps
3. Swimming the legs
4. Swimming triangle
5. 3 knee positions
6. The 2nd step
7. Hidden shoulder lock
8. Double shoulder lock
9. Shoulder lock to back
10. Crucifix armlock
11. Inverse omoplata
12. Underhook to triangle
13. Rolling armlock
14. Elbow push triangle
15. Triangle variations
16. Roll over to single
17. Arm control roll

Vol. 6
The Guillotine Choke
The Guillotine is without a doubt, the most widely used submission in grappling and MMA today. In this new DVD, Robson Moura rewrites the book on everything you thought you knew about the Guillotine as he puts his spin on this devastating choke from standing and ground positions. This DVD delivers slick new details on how to create much higher levels of pressure with the Guillotine and how to nail it from multiple positions, standing and on the ground. Robson teaches that even subtle changes in arm and body position will make the difference between an opponent fighting his way through the Guillotine or submitting to the choke!

1. Head post
2. Head shuck
3. Sprawling
4. Single leg
5. Arm across
6. Dive under
7. Pulling guard
8. One hook in
9. Head control
10. Duck under
11. Open guard
12. X-choke
13. X-choke to guillotine
14. Half-guard top
15. Half-guard variation
16. Outside half
17. Standing in guard

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Robson Moura 58 minutes
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