Super NoGi Jiu-Jitsu (Disc 02)

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Description: After two highly successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets, Fusion 1 and 2, Robson strikes gold again with his new 6 volume set, Super NoGi! In this new Submission Grappling series, Robson wanted to address not only his most successful NoGi techniques and strategies, but also the most common problems that grapplers will face on the mat. Robson follows his unique Fusion style teaching method with a step by step break down of each position and technique. Almost every technique one this 6 volume set is brand new with details never seen before on any instructional series!

Vol. 3
Turtle Position
Change your Turtle game forever by using Robson Mouras secret weapon, the Turtle Hook! This unique foot position will block and stop any opponent from launching an offensive attack when on your back and will allow you to easily escape from the bottom every time! Robsons highly successful Turtle system will allow you control, escape and attack in one motion forcing the opponent to give up the position or be submitted. These are not the same old ineffective bottom Turtle moves but a whole new proven strategy to use and win with! Another World Martial Arts first!

1. Intro
2. The turtle hook
3. Hook details
4. Arm control
5. Clearing the arm
6. Putting it together
7. Countering the back grab
8.Shoulder roll to guard
9. Shoulder roll triangle
10. Shoulder roll omoplata
11. Arm drag to back
12. Bodylock counter
13. Omoplata bodylock counter
14. Rolling Kimura
15. Far shoulder roll
16. Arm trap triangle
17. Sit out to guard
18. Sit out to omoplata
19. Step in to back control
20. Step in to triangle

Vol. 4
Advanced Half Guard (bottom).
Robson once again takes a complicated position like the bottom half guard and creates a simple but highly effective strategy for controlling and winning from the bottom. By teaching you how to control every aspect of your opponent inside your half guard, Robsons techniques become extremely lethal as you learn to submit, sweep and take the back of anyone! This is a step by step approach that takes away your opponents offensive options and leaves you will a clear path to success. This DVD will surely change your view and give you a whole new slew of options from the bottom half guard!

1. Strategy
2. Key points
3. Creating space
4. Foot on hip triangle
5. Foot on hip omoplata
6. Arm trap sweep
7. Kata-gatame sweep
8. Overhook elevator
9. Omoplata against good base
10. Overhook block sweep
11. Arm drag to go-behind
12. Sneaking triangle
13. Outside half roll out
14. Roll out variation
15. Reverse sweep

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Robson Moura 56 minutes
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