Super NoGi Jiu-Jitsu (Disc 01)

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Description: After two highly successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets, Fusion 1 and 2, Robson strikes gold again with his new 6 volume set, Super NoGi! In this new Submission Grappling series, Robson wanted to address not only his most successful NoGi techniques and strategies, but also the most common problems that grapplers will face on the mat. Robson follows his unique Fusion style teaching method with a step by step break down of each position and technique. Almost every technique one this 6 volume set is brand new with details never seen before on any instructional series!

Vol. 1

Guaranteed to be the best instructional DVD ever made for Side Control and the North- South position! Seven-Time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Robson Moura takes you step by step on how to be in the right top position, controlling even the strongest opponents with ease. Robson exposes his super technical game of using your opponents escape attempts to open up arm locks, neck cranks, triangles and more. These two positions work side by side with each other and Robson will show you to work them both with devastating results on this amazing new DVD.

1. Main Introduction
2. Side control & North South Introduction
3. Hip control
4. Head control
5. Near arm control
6. Wrist trap triangle/armlock
7 Head trap triangle/armlock
8. Head trap reverse triangle
9. Kata-gatame 1
10. Forearm choke
11. Near/far side armlocks
12. Inverted arm triangle
13. Sideways side control
14. Kata-gatame 2
15. Taking the back
16. Transitioning to North South
17. North South Kimura
18. North South inverse armlock
19. North South spinning armlock

Vol. 2 The S-Mount
For submission grappling or MMA, the S-Mount is one of the most dominant positions that you can obtain on any opponent. This is one of Robsons favorite top positions to finish a fight with. This DVD takes you step by step through getting into position, maintaining control and finishing from the S-Mount. The key to Robsons success with the S-Mount follows the same line as the previous DVD as he teaches how to take advantage of the opponents own actions that will expose them to armbars, triangles and the submissions.

1. Underhook set-up
2. Elbow set-up
3. Bodylock set-up
4. S-mount details
5. Straight armlock
6. Kimura lock
7. Switch armlock
8. Forward lean armlock
9. Inverse armlock
10. Omoplata
11. Taking the back
12. Kata-gatame
13. Elbow pinch armlock
14. Kimura lock
15. Kimura to omoplata
16. Far side triangle

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Robson Moura 63 minutes
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Reviewed by   12/08/10
This is an excellent no gi series. Very thorough in his explainations and shows them from different angles. However, this is not a beginner series