Triangle with Ryan Hall (Disc 01)

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Description: With over 200 triangle submissions in competition, Ryan Hall has proven himself to be one of the most successful and influential competitors using the triangle today. His unique and practical approach to teaching the triangle has gained him world-wide recognition as one of the leading teachers on the subject. This new DVD series by Ryan Hall breaks wide open the secrets of his Triangle success with over 4 hours of step by step instruction and nearly 50 techniques.

Disc 1: The Triangle As A Position

1. Introduction (Posture Is Everything)
2. Proper Locking Technique
3. Securing The Perpendicular Angle
4. Finishing The Choke: Stomp And Curl
5. Structure And Force Principles Explained
6. Managing Distance And Angle
7. Quick Review
8. Alternative Configuration #1: The Switch Figure.Four
9. Alternative Configuration #2: The Reverse Triangle
10. Alternative Reverse Triangle Attacks
11. Defeating the Roger Gracie Defense
12. Skill Drill #1: Hip Explosion Drill
13. Skill Drill #2: Standard/Switch/Reverse Triangle Flow Drill
14. Posture/Pressure/Rotation Recognition Drill
15. Alternative Finishes #1: Punch In Neck and Karate Chop
16. Alternative Finishes #2: Trapped Arm Keylock And Armlock
17. Alternative Finishes #3: Trapped Arm Wristlock
18. Alternative Finishes #4: Off-Arm Crush And Kimura
19. Alternative Finishes #5: The Oma Plata

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Ryan Hall 83 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/18/12
Highly recommended. This is by far one most comprehensive , instructional Jiu Jitsu DVDs, in particular the Triangle. Ryan does an excellent job explaining the fundamental principles for his moves/mechanics/techniques. This guy is an engineer professor when it comes to instructing Jiu Jitsu. I have been doing the traditional triangle and his technique will, for sure, help my Triangle efficiency. He goes into the details on position, mechanics and which muscles you should use to effectively implement the Triangle. Roy Dean is a great instructor but Ryan goes further in more detail to derive every single aspect of his moves and finishes.

Reviewed by   08/30/10
Excellent! Great techniques and in-depth instruction. Highly recommended for intermediate-level and above grapplers.