Leglock Encyclopedia with Gokor Chivichy (Disc 02)

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Description: Gokor Chivichyan was born in Armenia and started training in the grappling arts since the age of 5. With decades of experience in wrestling, judo, and sambo, Gokor is a wealth of experience to rely on. He's been training world class Judoka and MMA fighters at the Hayastan MMA Academy since 1991 and is always innovating, improving, and refining the art of submission grappling.

Gokor Chivichyan, leglock master and MMA instructor teaches you an "encylopedia" of leglocks in this mammoth DVD Set.

DVD 2: Open Guard Leglocks
After mastering these leglocks, your opponent will fear getting you in his open guard. Ankle locks, heel hooks, toeholds, kneebars, and knee compressions are all shown in detail. You won't view the open guard the same after learning all of the attacks at your disposal.

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Gokor Chivichyan 63 minutes
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