IVC 08: Ultimate Bare Knuckle Fighting 02

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Description: Before MMA was accepted as a mainstream sport, a promotion in Brazil produced some of the most violent and brutal matches in MMA history!

Broken necks and eyesockets, gallons of blood, slicing headbutts, bare-knuckle blows to the face, and even busted testicles - yes, you read that right!

Best Of International Vale Tudo
Goodridge vs Santos
Gilstrap vs DeJesus
VanArsdale vs Barbosa
Assalone vs Muriano
Goodridge vs Pedro

DeOliveira vs Costa
"Monstro" vs Barbosa
"Babalu" vs Bosco
Bueno vs Godsey
Barreto vs Hinkle

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
  75 minutes
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