Rigan Machado: Art of Passing the Guard No Gi

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Rent Rigan Machado: Art of Passing the Guard No Gi DVD

Description: The Master Series with Rigan Machado shows you Rigan's submission wrestling secrets to passing the guard. In this unique martial arts video DVD instructional, Rigan will show you the variations on passing the guard - the game that made him famous in the grappling world. Learn from one of the famous Machado brothers, and see how it can improve your game to new heights.

Contents Include:

Inside passing
Drills for inside passing
Inside passing part II
Breaking the turtle
Inside passing combination
Two leg pass and variations
Inside passing part III
The V pass
The tripod pressure
Drills for inside pass
Ankle swing pass
Lifting the ankle pass
Spider guard pass
Butterfly guard pass
Setup for butterfly guard pass
Bridge pass

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Rigan Machado 42 minutes
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Reviewed by   10/02/10
Oh my god you guys this was horrible...the quality was bad and the instructional quality was all around cheap and not well thought out...and to top it off machado has calzones (underwear) on and is now severely overweight...I immediately returned this one...