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Description: Bad Breed TV Volume 3 takes the best of what subscribers have been demanding and put it all together, with a wider range of fighters, promotions, and behind-the-scenes footage unlike anything ever published before! This DVD features the premier promotion of the south, Freestyle Fighting Championships, a Q&A with Hook N Shoot founder Jeff Osborne, as he reveals lots of interesting info on the sport of MMA, and a shot of Hook N Shoot: Revolution; the first American all female MMA event and much, much more...


This edition features one of America's top independent promotions, Freestyle Fighting Championships 5, held on April 25th, 2003 in Bolioxi, Mississippi. Features bouts with UFC and IFC veterans Joe Doerkson and Anthony Macias, as well as a crop of up-n-coming talent. Fight fans will not want to miss this!

Catch revealing exclusive interviews with UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia, UFC Light Heavyweight contender Ian Freeman, Hook N Shoot founder/promoter and former UFC commentator Jeff Osborne and a "free for all" with members of the famed Team Militech; including Tim Sylvia, "Ruthless" Robbie Lawlor, Anthony Frykland and Jason Medina.

Presented by James Tunney.

ON THE ROAD WITH POPPA SCHNAKE: The wild man of MMA travels around the country
bringing viewers some of the most revealing footage they'll ever witness. Don't miss Bad Breed TV's third edition, hosted by Bad Girl Rachel Alexander. Hardcore Reality TV at it's best!!!!

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