David Williams: Dynamic Judo (Disc 03)

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Description: The following serves as a review of the 'Dynamic Judo' series by Island Martial Arts. The instructor is Sensei David Williams. DVDs 1-4 serve as an in-depth look at several of the 'high-percentage' techniques in Judo, namely Tai-Otoshi, Seoi-Nage, Uchimata, Kataguruma, Kouchi-Gari and Ouchi-Gari. The DVDs not only introduce the techniques, but also put the techniques together in combinations, deal with the application of the techniques against opponents of different sizes, show how to deal with resistance of different types, show how to counter the technique, and show how to counter the counters. DVD 5 deals with Newaza, especially attacking the turtle position and finishing with submissions.

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David Williams 38 minutes
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