Pride FC: Final Conflict 2003 (Disc 01)

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Description: A legendary competition in Japan, PRIDE pits the world's elite fighters against each other in battles of art and honor. Imagine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner versus kick boxer, Judo specialist versus Wrestler, this is PRIDE. Each match is the culmination of years of training by these athletes, the finest representatives of their martial art who fight not only to compete for victory, but also to defend their fighting style! From big-time knockouts to punishing submissions, you don't want to miss the drama, spectacle and excitement of PRIDE FC! It all started at TOTAL ELIMINATION 2003 with the eight best middleweight fighters in the world gathering for an exclusive tournament. Now at FINAL CONFLICT 2003 we're down to the final four! Featuring the semi-finals and final round, this is the exciting conclusion of the middleweight tournament.

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  165 minutes
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