Clean Sweeps by Mark Hatmaker (Disc 01)

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Description: In this revolutionary video production best-selling author and groundfighting expert Mark Hatmaker explodes the common myth that the guard, also known as the bottom scissors, is a position of strength and shows you how to get from the guard to the top game.

First, Hatmaker teaches why you always want to be on top of your opponent so that your strikes have greater force and your submissions are more likely to succeed. From there, he gives you more than a hundred different techniques to get out of the guard position and turn the tables on your opponent, putting you in the top game and your opponent at a significant disadvantage. Hatmaker's instruction runs the gamut, from low sweeps to transition sweeps to high sweeps, giving you enough material to keep your grappling game on top.

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Mark Hatmaker 90 minutes
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