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Description: Jeff Monson and Dennis Hallman break down their games and show you what has been effective for them, including their philosophies on the Top Game, Bottom Game and Back Control.

They will share with you the little details that make these positions effective for them in real world situations and have been combat tested over and over again!

This DVD also contains 25 submissions and drills not seen before on an DVD instructional series, including the Hopscotch series, the Howdy series, and Jeff's infamous 69 choke.

Nearly 40 chapters and techniques on this DVD in all:

Top Game
-Breaking the guard
-Back pockets stack pass
-Head plants pass
-Half guard pass
-Knee slide
-Under hook knee slide

-From the back short choke
-From the back long choke
-From the back strangler series
-Hopscotch arm bar
-Hopscotch triangle
-Hopscotch to the back
-Hopscotch high mount
-Russian sweep
-Russian near arm bar
-Russian far arm bar
-Russian taking the back
-Russian to the triangle
-Howdy series
-Howdy head triangle
-Howdy power key lock
-Howdy taking the back
-Triangle gripping
-Triangle lawn mower
-Triangle reverse triangle
-69 choke
-Rolling ankles from guard to heel hook
-Single to triple leg attack
-Basic submission flow drill

Bottom game
-Snowman roll
-Half guard arm drag
-Half guard to back door

Back game
-Back control

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  100 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/02/10
The content on this dvd is great. Jeff Monson demonstrates the techniques clearly. I'm giving this a 4 star review as the actual physical dvd was quite scratched and I wasn't able to play all the chapters on my dvd player.