Critical Concepts For BJJ (Disc 2)

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Description: Now let’s be 100% clear – That Is Not A Realistic Time frame For Almost Anyone But.. there are lots of tidbits and tricks that you can take from Travis’ supersonic journey that will speed your learning curve. What if instead of 10 years, your journey to black belt could be 6-7 years… what would that knowledge be worth?

Travis knows the central concepts that make the difference between hitting a move and not, sweeping a guy or not, passing or not and finishing or not. There are a few principles that you just might not have that could allow you to progress faster than you can believe right now. You might not be that far off… With about a year of experience in BJJ Travis used his principles and competed against some of the toughest guys on the planet and made the tournament finals twice. He beat some of the toughest guys on the planet: Tim Spriggs and Jamie Canuto and then had epic matches with Paulo Miyao and Felipe "Preguica" Pena. Again, you don’t need to compete at that level, but imagine how fast he learned compared to others. There are no Judo competitors that we know of who ever made it to his level in BJJ – let alone in a year.

Concepts controlling from bottom half guard
Under hook to double leg from half guard
Concepts from side control top position
Kimura from side control top position
Bottom side control concepts for recovery
Single Leg recovery
Mount concepts
Cross choke from mount
Mount concepts from bottom
Keeping mount escape

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