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Description: Arms Race: A systematic approach to defending against bent and straight arm locks!

Ante Dzolicís concept is unlike anything you have seen before, because it views defending submissions through the prism of combination. It liberates the practitioner from having to depend on one technique to escape a submission. A homerun or strikeout approach if you will. This method highlights complimentary escape techniques that can easily be chained together allowing the student to flow from one escape to the next. This way, if their partner counters their escape, the student has a recounter of their own. This approach allows the defender to regain the initiative sooner and begin to force the attacker into a smaller series of predictable responses. Which, in turn makes escape that much more possible.

Using this strategy, Ante teaches how a small number of similar techniques can be used to defend many different attacks. The goal being to teach the student to only need a small number of escapes to solve a myriad of submission attacks.

This DVD spans over 80 minutes of video with 37 incredible techniques shown in the same relaxed, fun and detailed teaching style that Ante is known for!

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  80 minutes
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