Arm Bar Enter The System Part 1 01

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Description: John Danaher is one of the most notorious and demanded grappling coaches in the planet, and itís because he can take a simple idea like the jujigatame armbar and turn it into a weapon for his opponents and a death sentence for their opponents.

Volume 1:


Speed Based Juji Gatame

Control Based Juji: 1st Phase Entry - Entry

Control Based Juji: 2nd Phase Entry - Control

Control Based Juji: 3rd Phase Entry - Orientation

Control Based Juji: 4th Phase Entry - Configuration

Control Based Juji: 5th Phase Entry - Separation

Control Based Juji: 6th Phase Entry - Breaking

Central Problems Of Juji Gatame

3 Central Problem Opponent On Back

3 Central Problem Attacking From The Back

Core Principles

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
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