JT Torres Passing, Back Takes and Finishes Disc 4

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Rent JT Torres Passing, Back Takes and Finishes Disc 4 DVD

Description: Learn from Atos Black Belt and ADCC 2017 Champion, JT Torres as he shows you how to pass anyones guard, take their back and choke them

JT Torres is one of the most dangerous grapplers on the planet
JT has beat some of the best competitors such as Garry Tonon, Lucas Lepri, and many more
If you want to learn how to smash through any guard, now is your chance
Transform your entire game
Dominate all of your training partners

Basic Back Choke
Ezekiel Choke
Kimura Grip Armbar From Back
Kimura Grip To Triangle Armbar
Bow & Arrow Choke
Brabo / Ezekiel Choke From Back
Lapel Choke From Crucifix
Reverse Kimura
Kimura From Crucifix
Flying Bow and Arrow From Turtle
Clock Choke
Spinning Clock Choke

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
  60 minutes
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