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One of the most famous American Black Belts ever, Chris Haueter, has 4 Golden rules for BJJ. Notice how much emphasis he places on being on top:
Here are his 4 golden rules for having a strong top game in BJJ:
#1: Be the guy on top.
# 2: When on top, stay on top.
# 3: When on bottom, have a guard you shall not pass.
# 4: Never forget Rule 1: do not have a game that is overly dependent on bottom guard.

Check out what is on his DVD:
-kouchi gari 4
-kouhi gari with back step
-ouchi gari
-ouchi gari with dropping to a knee
-uchi mata with the outside back step
-uchi mata when opponent posts
-tai otoshi
-tai otoshi off the wrist grip
-ippon seoi nage
-driving osoto gari
-circle sweep
-foot sweep
-sumi gaeshi to counter the single leg
-ogoshi from 50/50
-tai otoshi from 50/50 (place with other Tai otoshi clips)

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  60 minutes
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