Down Under Leg Attacks (Disc 4)

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Craig Jones had arguably the best breakout performance of any grappler in history at the 2017 ADCC in Finland when he quickly submitted many of the top contenders and no one even knew who he was....

Craig Jones Was A purple belt living in the middle of nowhere, Australia – where Koala Bears are as common as squirrels are in the U.S. training on a continent where no one had ever won a medal as a Black Belt at the World Championships. After his coach told him that he wasn’t even allowed to roll with anyone not affiliated with their very small gym, he left and started training in a garage – in Australia – with beginners as a purple belt just 2 years ago.

The 26-year-old has earned submission victories over Leandro Lo, Murilo Santana, Nathan Orchard, Darrah Oconaill, and Chael Sonnen, and the future looks bright for Jones as the pro event invites keep coming. Jones has two sub victories in the Submission Underground promotion since May, one at SUG 4 over Micah Brakefield and another at SUG 6 against Ben Egli. He just recently competed in EBI 14 and made it to the finals against the red-hot Gordon Ryan, nearly tapping the ADCC Champ with a vicious armbar in overtime.

-guillotine to heel hook
-toe hold to heel hook
-kimura to heel hook
-heel hook from closed guard
-knee shield attacks
-knee shield attack #2
-50/50 knee bar to saddle
-heel hook entry from standing
-de la Riva
-flying triangle

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  60 minutes
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