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Description: Bas Rutten started his Martial Arts career at the late age of 21, and he quickly discovered that Martial Arts was his caling. Within one and a half years he got his 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. One year later, he received a 1st degree black belt in Kyokoshin Karate. Presently, he holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a 5th in Kyokoshin Karate. While he was doing these two sports he also started to compete in Thai boxing. He became the Dutch champion, and fought 16 Thai boxing matches of which he won 14 by KO. In 1993 Bas was contacted by the Japanese organization Pancrase, and he fought his first fight for Pancrase on September 21, 1993. He won the fight in 43 seconds and from that moment on became one of the favorite fighters of the Japanese audience. In 1995 he won the prestigious King of Pancrase World Championship Belt in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo. He defended that title two more times successfully, and then resigned as the undefeated World Champion in order to compete in the biggest No Holds Barred event in the world, the UFC. He went undefeated in the Octagon, and became the UFC World Heavyweight May, 1998. Bas suffered from many injuries towards the end of his long fighting career, and after winning the UFC title he felt it was the right time for him to retire as a professional fighter. He now lives in the United States and works as an actor and fight coordinator in the television and motion picture industries.

AUDIO CD 4: Thai Boxing AUDIO CD

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Bas Rutten 60 minutes
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