Secrets of Russian Judo by Igor Yakimov Disc 01

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Description: DVD 1: Standing techniques

In this instructional DVD Igor Yakimov presents a new explosive video series on the differences between the Japanese and Russian styles of Judo.

Igor also explores the influence of the national styles of wrestling of the former Soviet republics on classical Judo. Learn these innovative and effective techniques through step-by-step instructions from one of the worlds leading authorities.

Igor Yakimov is a graduate of Russian Military College where he was trained in sport and combat Sambo. He was twice national Sambo Champion, and once international Sambo Champion. He is also a world Judo champion in the Masters Class. Igor is a Master of the Sport in Sambo, one of the important honors that can be bestowed upon a competitor. Igor is also the Canadian representative of FIAS the largest Sambo sanctioning body in the world.

Fighters Instructor Category Duration (approximate)
Igor Yakimov 60 minutes
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