Passing the Guard with Ryan Hall (Disc 01)

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Description: Disc 01: Guard Passing Fundamentals

1. Introduction
2. Theory: Stability & Alignment
3. Theory: Pass Pressure
4. Theory: Controlling the 4 Corners
5. Theory: The 4 Positions of Guard Passing
6. Theory: Understanding Elevation
7. Theory: Moving Behind Opponent
8. Theory: Controlling the Hips
9. Theory: Master Passing v. Beginner Passing
10. Positions: The Knee Across
11. Positions: The Knee Over
12. Positions: The Over/Under
13. Positions: The Double Under/Stack Pass
14. Positions: The Leg Drag
15. Positions: The Flop
16. Transition: Knee Across & Knee Over
17. Transition: Knee Over & Leg Drag
18. Transition: Knee Over & Double Under
19. Transition: Over Under/Double Under &Leg Drag
20. Pass Switch: Over the Legs
21. Pass Switch: Head Down & Hop Over
22. Pass Switch: Through the Legs
23. Pass Switch: Across the Belly
24. Pass Switch: Around the Head

Until now, all previous guard passing instructional DVDs were based on one particular style or method of passing.

Ryan Halls new Passing the Guard DVDs breaks that trend and teaches that all guard passing should use same key principals, regardless if your fighting an opponent using the Spider, X-Guard, Cross Guard, Half-Guard and so on.

This new DVD series truly teaches these core mechanics by breaking down what makes guard passing really work, exposing theories and concepts that will change your guard passing game forever.

The basis of Ryan's system is to effectively control the opponent on the bottom; creating a defense that that is so impenetrable, it forces your opponent into making critical mistakes. Learn to stop even the most elaborate guard sweeps, reversals and submissions by controlling every move and effectively stopping the attack before it can even begin.

Ryan then puts all of the theory into real action as he teaches the most important guard passes he believes every student of Jiu-Jitsu should master. Even more then learning these amazing passes; Ryan shows how they all interconnect and how to switch between them depending on the flow and reaction of the opponent.

Over 30 incredible guard passes, 65 new techniques and 5 hours of teaching are shown in the same methodical teaching style that has made Ryan Halls previous Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets world famous! Ryan Halls new Passing the Guard may be the most ground breaking instructional series he has ever produced

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Ryan Hall 111 minutes
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