George St-Pierre: The Beginning

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Description: From his very first fight in the UCC, no fighter has captured the imagination of fight fans like Georges St-Pierre. In this UCC Vintage Series DVD you get all of St-Pierre's UCC fights from his professional debut all the way to his triumphant return to Montreal after making it to the big time in Las Vegas. For the first time ever on DVD, witness the pivotal fights of his career as he climbs the ladder to the top step by step.

Watch as this powerful and complete athlete battles for Canadian and International titles against some of the best fighters in the world. Don't miss this ultimate collection for the real fight fan!

Welcome to Universal Combat Challenge (UCC), the biggest and most prestigious Canadian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion in the history of the sport. The UCC has been known for its tradition of building champions as some of MMA's biggest stars have started their careers in promoter Stephane Patry's UCC ring.

Never seen on tape or television: Georges St-Pierre very first amateur bout at 19 years old!

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  103 minutes
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