Clinch Domination Wrestling Takedown System 06

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Description: Disc 6: Russian Tie and Random Attacks

RUSSIAN TIE: More tricks of the trade for the Russian Tie setup.

RUSSIAN TIE 2: This will make the Russian Tie your go-to position!

STANDING LEG ATTACK: Attack your opponent's legs and disrupt his base.

SHORT DRAGS: Jon will have you as an arm drag master!

THAI COUNTER & LEG ATTACK: Adapt your wrestling for MMA and take down the Thai fighters.

COLLAR TIE COUNTER TO ARM THROW: When your opponent grabs a collar tie, it's a great opportunity to throw him!

SNAP DOWN & FRONT HEADLOCK: Positional dominance will be a breeze with this setup!

CEMENT JOB: Talk about devastating your opponent! This is the way to do it!

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Jon Trenge  
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