Dirty Boxing by Daniel Sullivan Disc 03

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Description: Get ready for an unbelievable amount of mitt drills! The long awaited DVD series on Filipino Panantukan, Daniel Sullivan's Dirty Boxing, is finally here!

Mitt drills geared for street application. Daniel Sullivan shows the street approach to MMA. Eye Gouges, Head Butts, Groin Kicks, Finger Jabs to the Eyes, and many more illegal moves are addressed.

Daniel shows where many of the "sports" movements really came from with this informative series. He breaks down the drills in great detail in a friendly and methodical format so you can learn fast. He spends plenty of time explaining a drill, demonstrating, and then his students show the drill at full speed and power.

The format for the training is:

1. Learn the technique slowly.
2. Practice the technique with high repetition until comfortable with the movements.
3. Drill at full speed.

Each drill finishes with an all out Blitz to crank up your cardio to a new level.

Shadow Boxing - Partner Training - Vertical Scissors Outside & Slap Series - Crash In Vertical Scissors Series - Vertical Scissors & Knee/Stomp Series - Finger Thrust & Vertical Scissors Series - Throat Grab Series - Slap & Thumb Gouge Series - Headbutt Series 1 - Headbutt Series 2 - Rear Hand Trap Series - Knee Series - Overhook Series

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Daniel Sullivan 87 minutes
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